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Compare TV & Monitor Sizes

While shopping for a TV to use for some digital signage at work my salesman mistakenly said, “You’d be paying $xxx more for only 6 inches”. This is dishearting that a sales person who talks with customers every day wouldn’t know that this isn’t the true. When going from one size to another you are picking up squared AREA, not just inches. This link really can bring the point home.

48" HD TV vs 55" HD TV

In the above picture is a comparison between a 48” HD TV and a 55” HD TV. That difference is about 31% larger. That’s a pretty decent amount. Use this link to DisplayWars to compare the different screen sizes before you go to the store, that way you know what the differences are.

I had two opportunities today to meet and listen to the candidate for the senior pastor position at our church. Wow what exciting times are ahead. I’m reminded of talking to Shawn after he announced he was leaving. I told him that I was excited for him and his ministry but also so excited to see what God had in store for us. I didn’t think it would take 2 yrs. In that time our church has gotten to see what we needed to work on as a church family. It’s been difficult but now after today, two words, “GAME ON!”

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